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Bravo Charlie specialise in targeted video communication for impact investors and their portfolios, using marketing, business development, investing and production skills to engage stakeholders and amplify returns.

At the apex of social change, we exist as the possibility of world leaders in business, politics and society being engaging, powerful communicators, and work to accelerate the transition of our world into a more environmentally aware, sustainable and loving place.

Our best work is done with companies at a tipping point, with strong offerings, ready to launch into the next stage of their greatness.  The outcomes of our effort are a more harmonious society, empowering people with the resources and capabilities to lead good lives.

We specialise in:

  • Documenting your Impact Measurement and Management
  • Making complex businesses and technologies simple to understand
  • Coaching senior executives to deliver at their best on camera
  • Creating compelling pitches and content, to support Seed/series funding and IPOs
  • Crafting digital marketing systems, engagement and growth strategies
  • Capturing the passion of your team and clients

How we support
your vision


Setting directions

Strategic consulting to
the executive and board

Defining where you are, what’s stopping you moving forwards and creating a plan of action to get you to your goals, through review of and expansion of your strategy.

Building the machine

IT advocacy to align
service providers

Implementing or improving your website, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, customer lifecycle marketing and general digital sales capability.


Content as fuel

Initial and ongoing
content production

From word of mouth customer testimonials as your low hanging fruit, to team ‘why’ videos, product explainers and industry news pieces; creating regular content to engage your audience.

Leading companies we've
worked with

What happens next?

You start with a free 30 minute exploration call, to discuss your goals, assess where we can create value and whether we’re a fit.

With the CEO and senior executive, we conduct a paid 2-hour Gap Analysis session to discuss your vision, identify barriers and opportunities, then craft a plan to make it happen.

Within a week, you receive a costed implementation roadmap to meet your goals, focused on digital system improvement and quarterly content creation.

You choose a start date, we onboard your team, interview your stakeholders, then begin quarterly content creation.

With the foundations in place, we then identify and engage points of leverage that further amplify and scale your vision.

About Bravo Charlie

Founded in 2009 in Australia by Philip Bateman, and incorporated in Hong Kong in 2017, Bravo Charlie have architected, crafted and directed digital marketing, eCommerce and video content plans for startups and SME’s, large corporate, ASX listed companies, educational and government institutions, from Australasia to Europe, North America and the UAE.

What our
clients say

Insight, inspiration and education

The world’s top minds in business, politics and community leadership regularly talk with our founder, to share their insight, journey and challenges.  Watch the latest below or visit our YouTube channel to hear from over 50 leaders, in the area of knowledge you are seeking.

Your Funding Options

State and Federal Government support
is readily available
for projects
of significant national importance.

If you work in Government, Bravo Charlie are also proud members of the Australian ICT Suppliers Panel to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Department of Defence and the CSIRO.

Vouchers To Boost
Your Business

Victoria’s BYB Voucher program is a competitive dollar-for-dollar matched grant program, and Bravo Charlie can support you with marketing and branding strategy, to develop products and services with a focus on Australia, Hong Kong and China.

If you’re in Advanced Manufacturing, Defence, Aerospace or Security, get in touch to chat about the current and upcoming funding rounds.

Entrepreneurs Programme

Since 2013, Bravo Charlie has been a Tailored Advisory Service (TAS) Provider and worked with the advisor network of the Federal Government’s Entrepreneurs Programme, to deliver marketing and communication strategies, digital system architecture and content creation for growth focused companies around Australia.

If you are interested in having an advisor review your organisation and accessing year round matched funding to support you implementing the result, get in touch.


Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) are a key Australian Government financial assistance program for aspiring and current exporters, reimbursing up to 50% of eligible export promotion expenses.

Similarly, Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentives provide a refundable tax offset of 43.5% for entities with a turn over of less than $20 million.

We work with leading partners that can support your EMDG/R&D requirements.


For Leaders, Advisors and Innovators

Based on years of experience, the Bravo Charlie promise is that articulating your story effectively through short, remarkable pieces of video will empower your team to spread their message, and enable you to engage stakeholders in a way you’ve never imaged.

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People we
work with

The largest and most influential business organisation in Victoria, informing and servicing more than 15,000 members, customers and clients across the state. Founded in 1851 with the aim to make Melbourne one of the world’s great free ports, today they continue leading business into the future through advocacy, leadership and services focused on innovation and growth.  More >

Founded in 1973, ACBC actively promotes two-way trade and investment, and economic cooperation and understanding, between the business communities of Australia and China, with more than 1500 representatives from over 900 Australian companies who do business with China.  More >

Across the departments from Global Victoria to Invest Victoria and the 20+ Victorian Government Business Offices around the world, there is tremendous support available for your initiatives.   More >

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