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Bravo Charlie support CEO's to get attention, increase investment, and close deals for their businesses and funds.

With a particular focus on the Impact Investment industry, we use our SMV process to deliver superior outcomes.

Bravo Charlie Capital Raising and Impact Investing
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Our best work is done with leaders that consider themselves proactive change makers, who’s companies are at a tipping point, that have strong offerings, and are ready to launch into the next stage of their greatness. 

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Proactive Communication for Change Makers

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Months in production and years in the making, join us on a journey of discovery as we look across the emerging global Impact Investing industry, discuss the Challenges for Change Makers, detail A Proactive Solution, look into case studies and give you Practical Steps to shape your organisation into an impact powerhouse of the 21st century.

How we create attention, increase investment
and close deals, for world leading businesses and funds



Through working one on one with your CEO, and consulting with your C-level team, we listen to your challenges, uncover the bigger problem, identify the value it’s possible to unlock, and create a content strategy to realise that value.


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Building the

Through a thorough review of your marketing and technology systems, we identify, implement and integrate the necessary software and content delivery mechanism to enact the strategy.


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as fuel

Acting as your Content Factory, we regularly produce videos and supporting material, enabling you to be recognised for your purpose, effectively engage your stakeholders and accelerate the change you seek.

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Bravo Charlie Team

About Bravo Charlie

Founded in 2009 in Australia by Philip Bateman, and incorporated in Hong Kong in 2017, Bravo Charlie have architected, crafted and directed digital marketing, eCommerce and video content plans for startups and SME’s, large corporate, ASX listed companies, educational and government institutions, from Australasia to Europe, North America and the UAE.

Insight, inspiration and education

The world’s top minds in business, politics and community leadership regularly talk with our founder, to share their insight, journey and challenges.   Visit our YouTube channel by clicking below, and hear from over 60 leaders, in the area of knowledge you are seeking.

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The largest and most influential business organisation in Victoria, informing and servicing more than 15,000 members, customers and clients across the state. Founded in 1851 with the aim to make Melbourne one of the world’s great free ports, today they continue leading business into the future through advocacy, leadership and services focused on innovation and growth.    More >

Founded in 1973, ACBC actively promotes two-way trade and investment, and economic cooperation and understanding, between the business communities of Australia and China, with more than 1500 representatives from over 900 Australian companies who do business with China.

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Across the departments from Global Victoria to Invest Victoria and the 20+ Victorian Government Business Offices around the world, there is tremendous support available for your initiatives.   

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