Tyres #1: Flat ground, tamping, water and getting hit in the head

Gav, Asher, Phil B and Leon getting underway on the Earthship Retaining Wall.

Are you as excited about sustainable building designs as we are?  Using recycled materials? Not relying on burning coal to heat and cool your home?

http://earthship.net.au for more – YOU have the power to change the world, just click, learn and apply! Most importantly, please share this information 🙂

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  1. The use of silica can result in a reduction in rolling resistance of 20% and more. Assuming correct tyre pressures are maintained and making allowances for varying speeds and different driving characteristics, a 20% reduction in rolling resistance equates to a 5% fuel saving, which, according to Michelin in their promotion of the Michelin Energy, can save the average motorist £65.00 a year, covering the cost of the tyres over the life of the tyres.

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