Hydrogen and transport

HOH Cells Saving fuel for your diesel applications;  What, how and why.

This page represents over 5 years work by the technology innovator Cameron Ashton and 2 years of business development by Bravo Charlie.

Thank you for taking an interest in H.O.H. Cells

These are ‘on demand’ hydrogen producers that electrolyse water in a unit the size of a small bar fridge, mounted to the rear of a long-haul cab chassis.

When fractional amounts of Hydrogen are combined with the diesel burned in a combustion engine, fuel efficiency gains of up to 10.47% and emission reductions of 39.53% in a b-double truck have been independently verified by similar Canadian technology.

SAEJ1321 fuel test results available on request (click here).

As 2010 starts the team at HOH have in writing;

* Oversight of a recognised national name for our testing and validation
* A tier two trial partner (200+ vehicle long-haul fleet consuming 30 million litres of diesel a year)
* A national partner happy to trial based on our success with tier two
* One of the worlds largest private fleets willing to engage based on SAEJ1321 fuel tests

Our next step is securing the cash to meet the entry requirements of the , enabling up to $50,000 of capital contribution from the Government.

We will use this for technology validation and implementation of our first trial.

Are you passionate about reducing oil consumption?
What about making money helping large transport companies save fuel?
How about reducing all the black smoke on our roads that our children breathe and slowly asphyxiates all around?

Define risk?

Is air, resource and life nearly as important as money to you?

This doesn’t require a lot to get going, less than half of the government contribution..

We are going to get there – if you can help speed things up, click here and send a short email.

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