Part 1: Swanston to Bourke streets Melbourne

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Thousands turned out in protest at the liquor licensing authorities imposing required security guard measures on venues that play amplified music. The outcome of the rally was a speech declaring action has been taken by the existing government to review and improve the existing measures, in consultation with the organising groups of the rally.

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S.L.A.M. is Save Live Australias Music, a non-politically aligned, independent entity made up of musicians and music-lovers.

In a bid to address street violence Liquor Licensing Victoria (LLV) has introduced sweeping changes with unintended consequences for the local music scene.

LLV should admit its mistake and make simple changes immediately, acknowledging that there is no link between live music and high risk. The Tote is gone, whos next?

On 23 February, coinciding with the 34th anniversary of AC/DCs famous Its A Long Way To The Top film clip shoot down Swanston Street, S.L.A.M. is protesting in support and celebration of Victorias music scene, where new liquor licensing laws threaten to pull the plug on live music.

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