Owen Campbell goes national (and sells “a ton”)

https://www.facebook.com/OwenCampbellTunes and http://owencampbell.com.au/ are experiencing tremendous attention since Owen hit prime-time through Australia’s Got Talent, a little birdie mentioned he might even have a spot in the finishing line-up.

The analytic data is pouring in, CD sales are ‘selling a ton’ to quote the man and the fan feedback has been extremely positive, especially due to the accumulation of video content that seems to be really helping the engagement, both from those we collected from around YouTube and then the people who take TV footage and make their own uploads within minutes of it going to air. Bless the internet hey?

The social media system (website, youtube, facebook and paypal CD ordering system), itunes album setup and video content were created, arranged, filmed and produced by Bravo Charlie.  After some regular training Owen is in charge of his media system and regular broadcasting to thousands of fans!

The media are all over it too “Australia’s Got Talent Content Owen Campbell climbs to no 2 on iTunes charts”;


Our work here is done 🙂

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