Q. How do we get our music into the cinema and film loop?

Having recently used audio from http://www.thewednesdayexperiment.com/ for our latest Greatest Show on Earth live event edit (check it out here) – a member of TWE asked “how do we get into the loop of our music getting onto more of this type of thing?  Where do video type people usually source the music from?”

Hopefully the answer can help other musicians?

A.  I think your best bet would be to get your music catalogue to the person involved in selecting the music, which unfortunately shifts depending on what the project is – for film / cinema they hire a composer, for smaller projects maybe the director, for indie / single producers like myself.. just the head of the studio / company?

You could look up a heap of studios like http://exitfilms.com/ and then send them your catalogue, or contact the directors individually and let them know ‘hey we have all the music available > check out the link’

I don’t know how other guys do it so I can only talk personally, as I spend my time constantly aware of any new music or artists I come across, buying cd’s on the street from folks and that sort of thing – basically anything to get to the musician before they sign up with a large distributor, as at that point the music costs thousands in royalty fees and all these people up the chain want a cut, which doesn’t usually suit my indie budget affairs.

My creative process is to find music that works and then fit footage to it, which is great for event exposure sorta stuff like the greatestshow but not so good for narrative.. movies tend to get composers to make them something..

Soundscapes, ambient, inventive, clever modern audio is very useful. Intensive lyrics not so much as you have to fade it down or cut the dialogue around it.

– Philip Bateman

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