Bridging to Asia, ROAR and Bravo Charlie’s 8th Birthday

(video transcript follows)

22nd January 2017, means it’s Bravo Charlies eighth year of incorporation and 8 being lucky number, it’s time we’re getting serious about about our bridge to Asia for Australian companies!

Late last year we incorporated in Hong Kong – special thanks to John Barclay and the team at Primeasia Corporate Servicess, HSBC have opened our bank accounts meaning we can trade in the region – and after visiting China on several occasions visiting Shànghai, Beijing, Xiàmén, Sùzhou, we’re getting to experience more of what it’s like on the ground but more importantly to develop relationships with media partners who can distribute content inside the Great Firewall.

Also we have partnerships in Australia with companies such as Chin Communications who have already been translating content for us and it’s effective and has been proven.

I’m so excited about what we can do for Australian companies, we’ve got the faith of the Moulamein Grain cooperative, a large group of farmers who are delivering product directly to China – and I just keep meeting these people who are excited and the opportunity of technology;

There’s so much on the horizon from the basic tools, you know everything that goes in the car from the drones to the cameras and the sliders and so on and so forth, virtual realities on the horizon and whilst these things are all technically interesting, fundamentally it doesn’t matter what budget you’ve got it, but matters that you make content – and not just content for content sake, content that fits with your business development processes.

You may not even have those but that’s what Bravo Charlie does – we figure out where you are and what you want to get to, then we create the story to get you there and we integrate it and support you and using the latest technology to move that content around your network, to capture new clients, to engage new people, to deliver to your stakeholders things they may not know that they’ll be proud of and there’s just so much we can do.

The majority of our work we do has been with industrial high technology companies, it’s a bedrock in Australia – we know lot we do a lot but we kind of keep it under the radar and if we want to do more of it in the world we need to capture what it is we do and put in a shareable format that people can latch on to and go ‘ooh’ I want that – and that’s where Bravo Charlie comes in –

We’re really coming at this from a return on achieve results perspective (ROAR) so if you’re not making money we don’t expect to be paid – its kind of let’s go in lets learn because really moving to Asia, developing relationships in Asia is a lifelong thing, it’s not get, get out –

It’s a commitment and if you have the budget and the inclination, if you see that it has to happen if you’re going to sustain growth or access new markets then let’s talk –

I would ask a favor; if you know people that are in this area, creating world changing technology – I want to be a part of it; I want to help them get their message out to the world, it’s a story worth telling – and the world is waiting for their story.

So please if you know somebody in Asia who we should be talking to, if you know an Australian company who’s proud of what they do and maybe just doesn’t have the marketing really firing, introduce us, send them over –

Let’s have a chat and I’d love to hear from you and what you’re excited about.

Thank you very much –

Philip Bateman – Founder & Managing Director – Bravo Charlie


FYI here’s our latest piece of work released last week for Atlassian and Design Industries, this was a lot of fun to Direct, write, edit and generally make 🙂