Working with the Impact Fund Manager of the Year

Kilter Rural - Bravo Charlie

We’re very pleased to be producing the story of the Asia Pacifics Impact Fund Manager of the Year, Kilter Rural. Kilter are world leading agricultural regenerators, managing over 9,000 hectares of farmland, and are regarded as one of Australia’s largest and most experienced water investors. With funds under management exceeding $500 million, they were the […]

Australia China Business Council Victoria AGM Video

Bravo Charlie ACBC Sponsors - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Bravo Charlie was front and centre for the yearly wrap-up of the Australia China Business Council’s Victoria branch, as we had created the video summarising the many events and insights provided to the member base, including having our company mentioned for the work we had done through the year! A great organisation we are proud […]

Don’t settle for pretty – A quick word on being amazed

Philip Bateman - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

It’s been seven and half years running Bravo Charlie and I’m proud to be helping Australia’s best businesses capture and share their stories in honest ways, using interview journalism to achieve the vision of the CEO and in turn the board.  If you’re considering video, I urge you not to ‘settle for pretty’ – find […]

VECCI Victorian Jiangsu Business Placement

VECCI Patricia Griffiths and Eddie Zhang - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Did you know Melbourne has had a sister city partnership with Jiangsu for over 20 years? “.. Jiangsu province is China’s manufacturing powerhouse and accounts for more than 10% of China’s entire GDP. The province is only the size of Tasmania, but has a population over 75 million and its economy is the size of […]

The CEO Institute and Feedback

The CEO Insitute - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Marian and I were very proud to do our first syndicate seminar presentation to the CEO Institute on Thursday 2nd April in the Bachli Thompson room of the Victoria Golf Club. Our talk went for an hour, discussing Business Development via Online Video & Social Media, focusing on; – Story as competitive advantage – Ensuring […]

Alright fun’s over – time for fun

Presenting at the CEO Institute - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Alright fun’s over – time for the fun.  1,459 files, 309 Gigabytes of data, 34 folders, 5 editing jobs and 2 websites to turn out – Marian and I will be at our desks until late April 🙂

Yoga Trinity Vinyasa Flow

VECCI Patricia Griffiths and Eddie Zhang - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

We headed to Canberra in the ACT to film Yoga Trinity‘s new Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training dvd thanks to Heather Agnew.

Huyck Wangner / Xerium & Air Radiators

Yoga with Bravo Charlie - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Along with staff interviews for the Geelong Manufacturing Council, we headed out to interview the CEO / GM’s of Aus Pits, Huyck Wangner and Air Radiators That’s not how you make porridge! Rightly so.. It’s how you make the water filtration layer for paper processing (paper starts out 98% water and 2% pulp then reverses […]

Michael Cann Feldenkrais

Team - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

A half day shoot doing testimonials and creating a 90-120 second ‘overview’ of Michael Cann’s Feldenkrais services

Drag and drop WordPress with Divi

Divi Build For Site - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

For the past fortnight Marian and I have been building with the ‘Divi’ WordPress theme from Elegant Themes – we both feel it’s perfect for what we did with it and has a lot more capacity on top of what we asked.  Finishing client training with it yesterday, the drag and drop nature and general […]