Launching Kilara Capital’s Investor Engagement Platform

We want to take you with us Kilara Capital

There has been a tremendously positive reception to the Investor Engagement Platform we launched in June 2022 for Kilara, and the data is irrefutable – over thirty two hours of watch time across thousands of viewers, backed up by engaged comments and support, and a successful close to the Kilara Growth Fund, as the material […]

I prepare so you don’t have to

Studio filming - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

It was put to me last week prior to filming that “I’ve always prepared, I just don’t believe we can turn up on the day and ‘make magic’ as you claim”. And when it comes to reading scripts, you can’t – it takes hours and often days of work, starting with initial voice transcripts of […]

Launching Circular360 with Green Industries SA

Circular360 Partnership video

I’m proud and excited to have been able to craft the ‘Global Centre of Excellence in Circular Economy’ for Green Industries SA and it’s leadership, and a particular thanks to Hemant Chaudhary for relying on the Bravo Charlie team and I to share in his vision, and work from concept through to logo, copywriting, website, video and prospectus as […]

Presenting Stronger Brains to the Prime Ministers Office

Stronger Brains Youth Mental Health

If I’m honest, presenting to the PMO and several Ministerial Offices was something out of the ordinary! Though that’s exactly what we did for Stronger Brains, having completed theire Stakeholder Engagement Platform at, with a feature video, companion documents and Ministerial research and reports, we ran the Zoom session for the client and prepared […]

Blockchain, Fintech and Regulatory Innovation

Hannah Glass King Wood Mallesons Steering the National Blockchain Roadmap - Bravo Charlie

Staying ahead of the latest digital technologies is something dear to me, and I recently completed ‘Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application’ with the Massachusetts Institute of Technologies Sloan School of Management, as well as attending the 5th Annual Intersekt Fintech Conference, where I had the opportunity to interview several people, including Hannah Glass: