Fuel saving technology hits Australia

I got back to Melbourne from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Friday – I flew over to see for myself if they were A. honest and B. serious – take a look for yourself;

The guts of it is the electric axle generates an average of 15% fuel savings, then as an auxiliary power unit engine idling is no longer required and the underbody has an aero effect which further improves fuel efficiency – their road-tested averages deliver 30% fuel savings with routes that contain elevation changes.

If you’re a fleet owner in Australia, please get in touch directly via 0402 017 700 / philip@bravocharlie.global – we are completing 2017 production planning for Australia and taking non-binding reservation requests that close at the end of October for 2017 deliveries.

The road to Pittsburgh (from Melbourne)

I was watching a tech journalist called Robert Scoble broadcast live over Facebook at 3 am in the morning on the 6th of April, 2016 – from there I got in touch with the team and recently flew over to verify everything – I was both impressed and excited to bring this back to Australia.

About Hyliion (http://www.hyliion.com/pages/about-us)

“.. As a mechanical engineer and motorsports racer, Hyliion Founder and CEO Thomas Healy set out to bring the advantages of hybrid technology to tractor trailers. His mission was to minimize fuel costs for long-haul, over-the-road delivery fleets by bringing electric technology to tractor trailers in an add-on solution.

Following wins at business case competitions across the country, interest for the concept grew, and so did investment. The group expanded their engineering team and strategic advisors to include electric vehicle experts, truck and fleet owners, and business leaders. Hyliion’s patent-pending technology has won accolades from the U.S. Department of Energy, Wells Fargo, Rice University, and Shell Technology Ventures, among others..”


What next? How do you get involved in the Reservation System?

Currently we are completing non-binding reservation requests for Australian 2017 deliveries – Reservations give you priority to evaluate, purchase, and take delivery of a number of production units.

While the Reservation gives you priority, it does not constitute the purchase or order of any equipment and it in no way obligates you to complete a Purchase Agreement.

Based on a completed reservation request, we will ask you to configure your system and choose a financing option prior to the start of production for your Reservation.

Hyliion will create an order for your system and you will receive a Purchase Agreement indicating the price of the equipment, plus estimates of any applicable taxes, duties, transport and delivery charges, and any other applicable fees.

Remember, a reservation in no way obligates you to complete a Purchase Agreement, though whilst Hyliion will make their best efforts to accommodate your needs further down the line, Reservations with Purchase Agreements will have priority.

Why use a Reservation system?

The company is experiencing a tremendous amount of demand and are dedicated to ensuring this technology is taken to a broad market, which includes Australia.

Rather than accept offers to give the entire production capacity to a single company, through the reservation system Hyliion are able to complete production planning and balance distribution in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Okay – I’m in!

Good to hear – please call me on 0402 017 700 or email philip # at #  bravocharlie.global so I can answer any further questions you have and supply your organisation with a reservation request form –