I’ve become certified in Alan Weiss’s Sentient Strategy®

If strategy is a framework through which decisions are made, how confident are you in your framework? In the sequence of Data > Information > Knowledge > Wisdom, are you spending your time on the latter two, or living in Data and Information? Would you consider your current strategy Sentient? Meaning it is a tool you use “In the moment” – able to accommodate disruption, volatility and abrupt change?

Our experience has shown that no pre-pandemic strategy is effective post pandemic, as traditional strategy design isn’t built like that – it takes weeks if not months, is out of date quickly and rarely an ongoing reference during day to day implementation.

And the reasons are simple enough; during my Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship 12 or so years ago, Peter Drucker’s definition of strategy and associated tactics was still best practice, and that arrived in the 1960s, though times move on, generally much faster than organisations are traditionally able to do.

To this end, I’m excited about bringing a better way to my clients having completed the week in Brisbane Certified in Sentient Strategy®, shown here with the originator of the approach and process, Alan Weiss, alongside Paula McCarthy, the worlds leading practitioner of Sentient Strategy, and Andrew Hollo, one of the worlds leading strategic advisors for organisations that deliver societal benefit, whom organise systems and are heavily community invested.

Alan developed Sentient as a way to formulate strategy in a matter of days with a focus on a 1 year time horizon, as a tool to serve as an ongoing and daily guide for decision making, not something that sits in a dusty binder, neglected in a shelf.

It’s not an off the shelf template, it’s a flexible discipline allowing for the variations and uniqueness of your enterprise, and with the proper preparation together with your executive team we can complete the formulation process within a week and you can begin to implement immediately.

If you can see a future state your organisation needs to move to, or you can’t and want to identify it, and you don’t have the ability to quickly formulate effective strategy, then rapidly make changes as conditions shift, I’d be happy to have a chat with you about this revolutionary approach.

Happy Friday!

Philip Bateman Andrew Hollo Paula McCarthy and Alan Weiss
Andrew Hollo, Paula McCarthy, Philip Bateman and Alan Weiss