Launching Kilara Capital’s Investor Engagement Platform

There has been a tremendously positive reception to the Investor Engagement Platform we launched in June 2022 for Kilara, and the data is irrefutable – over thirty two hours of watch time across thousands of viewers, backed up by engaged comments and support, and a successful close to the Kilara Growth Fund, as the material goes on to continually engage the target audience.

The main launch video is below, and you can find the entire video platform at, which combines with the updated mailing list system at and an ongoing content plan, with articles, video features and whitepapers, originating from our team consulting with the Kilara Executive team to create a Tone of Voice document with key brand massages and language, that we use to define the articles, research and copy writing we are doing, that are generated from the clients internal education sessions and event attendences.

Kilara launch
Jodi York Kilara