Open Channel Generation Next Online Video

I spent two days at Open Channel¬†at their recent Generation Next conference “Creating Content in the YouTube Generation”

It was back to back panels and speakers, a definite stand out was seeing the following folks lined up next to each other.

The Panel - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Left to right

David Redman, Producer, Redman Entertainments
Katy Roberts, Producer, VICE Media (Melbourne)
Elizabeth Ferdon, YouTube Business Development (San Francisco)
Jon Casimir, Head of Entertainment at ABC TV
Maryanne Carroll, Executive Producer – Comedy, Channel Seven
Stuart Menzies, former Head of Content and Creative Development at ABC
Jenni Tosi, CEO, Film Victoria

It’s always handy to sit near the front for taking quick snaps of things that spark your interest

Social Media Advertisting - Philip Bateman and Bravo CharlieGrowing Channels - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Tornado Selfie - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

It was an excellent conference – hearing on the first day that as you walk by digital signs at Highpoint Shopping Centre they use an inbuilt camera to detect your age bracket and gender, then serve up a relevant advert was an interesting moment.