Six years and counting

Bravo Charlie Birthday - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

Today, the 22nd of January is the 6th birthday of the incorporation of Bravo Charlie and thus, myself being self employed in my own Pty Ltd.

Thank you for your support, recommendations, your time in viewing what I create and processing all my associated online commentary – it is a genuine pleasure to assist individuals, community groups and large business progress with their chosen endeavours.

Thank you especially to Margaret and Bill Bateman for their relatively unwavering support and for the last two years, my partner in business and in life, Marian Marsden for her capability, insight, capacity and love.

It is rewarding to me that as we progress, Bravo Charlie is more regularly able to employ other creatives in pursuing their vocation, from graphic artists to stylists, digital creators, sound recordists, extras, professional actors and film crew.

Here’s to rounding out the decade –

The world is waiting for your story ™

– Philip Bateman, Founder & GM