Social Media? We are B2B! *It’s not what you think

I was asked earlier how ‘social media’ related to an engineering firm, as they are B2B so .. why is it relevant?

B2C or B2B is a segmentation statement, we are all still dealing with individuals – if you want to have your quality, credibility and potential understood when you are not in the room – that person needs something remarkable and shareable from you, ideally that is informative, entertaining or both.

Being passed from one person to another (you to your client, then ideally them to other stakeholders) makes it social – the fact that is a consumable video, photograph or other piece of situational reference makes it media. Social – Media.

Additionally by understanding the stages of the Decision Cycle*, you can ensure each piece of media you create reflects at least one part of the paradigm.  By then applying your organisational values as a wrapper to the presentation style, you have a ‘go-to’ style and various angles to create media from –

Decision Cycle - Philip Bateman and Bravo Charlie

* If you haven’t been through the finer points of this, give me a ring and I will discuss with you / send you a breakdown.

Add to that people aren’t too into reading these days, so they need to know and know quickly – long video? They won’t click on it – sitting in their bath with an iPad or looking at a phone quickly in transit? Not good for reading capability statements.. a 59 second video?  Much easier, would you agree?

Additionally if you include your clients in the production, they will likely spread the content on your behalf because they are in it – so feature a supplier!

DaRa feature the 3 minute video of the factory tour in the centre of and other videos are at (and

If you would like to see some further detail with comments from one of the directors visit
Additionally, some other ways engineering based firms tell their story:

Steinert Australia – < These folk make the 45 ton electro-magnet’s that sit on the end of coal conveyors at Australia export ports, 125 year old engineering firm HQ’d in Germany, some of the videos I re-dubbed with an American voice over for their US market.

Ranger Industrial –

Thank you for reading.

– Philip Bateman | Founder & GM