What year are you marketing in AKA stupid or delusional

Gloves off, time to get with the program.  If you aren’t in marketing you might think the people in said area that you work with are either delusional or stupid.

If you are in marketing, you may need to apologize to the rest of your organisation, that holds themselves to effective use of company funds, as if you watch the following video I think you may admit, collectively we’re not doing a good job.

So do it – watch this, then rock 2016 by not wasting your co-workers time making things no one sees, give back the money you’re burning to other areas of the company that need it, massively increase the efficiency of your sales process, make the sales people happier; the marketing team more engaged, the operations staff more appreciative and the finance controller clap their hands with glee.

The CEO will come out pretty well too, then the board can pat each other on the back – see, it’s a chain, all it requires is paying attention, getting honest and not being stupid.  A big ask?  You can do it, I believe in you.

If you’ve made it this far, read the top, skipped the video with a bit of a scoff at the length, then at least consider the money you are spending on brochures, magazines, print in general, outdoor advertising, billboards et al and watch this > it’s not intended to be a platform specific reference (seriously, watch the keynote above) though you get the point (don’t you?)

Thanks for paying attention and P.S. – here I am talking about all this from April 28th in 2010 (before I knew how to produce videos with stereo audio 🙂 ).

As a follow up, here’s something a bit more schnazzy from May 2014;

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Skies the limit! Happy Friday 🙂