VECCI Victorian Jiangsu Business Placement

Did you know Melbourne has had a sister city partnership with Jiangsu for over 20 years? “.. Jiangsu province is China’s manufacturing powerhouse and accounts for more than 10% of China’s entire GDP. The province is only the size of Tasmania, but has a population over 75 million and its economy is the size of […]

The numbers are in

Good mail for a Friday – “the numbers are in” – we received feedback from the CEO Institute rating our recent presentation as 8.8 out of 10 for ‘Relevance of Topic’ and 8.6 as ‘Guest Speaker’ . If you would like your board, organisation or a specific group to learn about “Business Development using Online […]

The CEO Institute and Feedback

Marian and I were very proud to do our first syndicate seminar presentation to the CEO Institute on Thursday 2nd April in the Bachli Thompson room of the Victoria Golf Club. Our talk went for an hour, discussing Business Development via Online Video & Social Media, focusing on; – Story as competitive advantage – Ensuring […]

The sky is the limit

Have you got a global audience for your Hula Hooping prowess? How about for teaching the skills of dry needling, or effecting positive change with how people handle their waste at festivals known around the world? These are a few of the things we have been working on since January and some even more exciting […]

This is my art

Bravo Charlie specialise in targeted video communication - hqdefault11

Thank you to everyone involved in helping Bravo Charlie get to where we are today – watch the video (and turn up your speakers 🙂

Improving the bottom line with a Social Media System

If you are a business owner, Chief Financial officer or marketing manager, you need to know why a social media system is going to improve the bottom line of your business, and how creating remarkable content is going to drive new customers to you; Please watch the short video associated to this article. Now by […]

Businesses & musicians: start here

Business owners, activists and musicians; please watch this to find out how you can start making remarkable videos, understand the coming wave of mobile internet access and how you can make the most out of it.

You can find the video at if it does not display above.

HUB Members and fans – social setup

This is a special for HUB Melbourne members; Setup of your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Mailchimp (Newsletter management) systems, including professionally designed graphics (side bar banner and welcome page), plus customised ‘newsletter signup’ so you can start collecting valuable information from your customers + MORE

The future of shopping & mobile apps

Are you meeting customers where they source their information? From their phones, social networks and Facebook? Are you creating compelling, personal content that reaches your audience? Have you transitioned your website to be an information conduit of recommendations and shareable content?

What you know, who – or both?

Have you heard it said ‘it is not what you know, but who?’

Tempering that with a good bit of hands on experience, it is likely after going through the first stage of working with Bravo Charlie we can then connect you with folks relevant to supporting and executing on your goals.

Competition Breaking

Success requires a relative roadmap, the first step in all of our projects being an initial 2-3 hour meeting where we discuss where you are, where you wish to get, structure an improvement plan and talk about what is holding you back.

It can be said great architecture comes from a vision and understanding of the landscape, so if you are genuinely interested in having something that grows and lasts, let’s talk –

$265 – money back guarantee if you feel you did not get value.

Getting serious

Find your evangelists, champion them, give them what they want to get excited about your product or service.

What do you think of our Getting Serious package?

New to YouTube

This is not something you are going to start and then forget, it is an acceptance that marketing has shifted and now, you must be proactive as a business and / or organisation in respecting, talking to and servicing your customers. The effort is increased but the rewards are greater – find your evangelists, champion them, give them what they want to get excited about your product or service.

Do you think you are a New Tuber? Start here.

One man is not an army

Bravo Charlie proudly works with leaders in the Australia film industry such as Scoutfilms, 1440 Productions and Kestrel Media as project opportunies scale from SME through to large corporate.

Shooting in a beautiful location, cameras on your production line, aerial photography and 360 degree panoramas from helicopters, the whole lot distributed via the web and ipad applications. Yes, we can do that well.