Smarter Impact launches with 40 business & world leaders!

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I’m really excited to share with you a reference tool for the insights, education and inspiration so many amazing business leaders have shared with me in the last year – from Impact Investing to China relations, Government, Funding and Taxation, Science and Technology, the Arts and Business 101 – 40 interviews available for you in […]

17 million views in a month – Sir Philip Wollen OAM goes viral

6 years after we put Philip Wollen and the Kindness Trust on the digital map, ‘Life Changing Videos’ with an audience of 9 million reached out and asked to feature Mr Wollen’s maiden speech – with some title additions and on-screen captions, the video has ‘gone viral’ and is reaching far and wide A Speech […]

Don’t settle for pretty – A quick word on being amazed

It’s been seven and half years running and I’m proud to be helping Australia’s best businesses capture and share their stories in honest ways, using interview journalism to achieve the vision of the CEO and in turn the board. If you’re considering video, I urge you not to ‘settle for pretty’ – to find […]

VECCI Victorian Jiangsu Business Placement

Did you know Melbourne has had a sister city partnership with Jiangsu for over 20 years? “.. Jiangsu province is China’s manufacturing powerhouse and accounts for more than 10% of China’s entire GDP. The province is only the size of Tasmania, but has a population over 75 million and its economy is the size of […]

The numbers are in

Good mail for a Friday – “the numbers are in” – we received feedback from the CEO Institute rating our recent presentation as 8.8 out of 10 for ‘Relevance of Topic’ and 8.6 as ‘Guest Speaker’ . If you would like your board, organisation or a specific group to learn about “Business Development using Online […]

The CEO Institute and Feedback

Marian and I were very proud to do our first syndicate seminar presentation to the CEO Institute on Thursday 2nd April in the Bachli Thompson room of the Victoria Golf Club. Our talk went for an hour, discussing Business Development via Online Video & Social Media, focusing on; – Story as competitive advantage – Ensuring […]

Alright fun’s over – time for fun

Alright fun’s over – time for the fun.  1,459 files, 309 Gigabytes of data, 34 folders, 5 editing jobs and 2 websites to turn out – Marian and I will be at our desks until late April 🙂

Yoga Trinity Vinyasa Flow

We headed to Canberra in the ACT to film Yoga Trinity‘s new Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training dvd thanks to Heather Agnew.

Huyck Wangner / Xerium & Air Radiators

Along with staff interviews for the Geelong Manufacturing Council, we headed out to interview the CEO / GM’s of Aus Pits, Huyck Wangner and Air Radiators   That’s not how you make porridge! Rightly so.. It’s how you make the water filtration layer for paper processing (paper starts out 98% water and 2% pulp then […]

Michael Cann Feldenkrais

A half day shoot doing testimonials and creating a 90-120 second ‘overview’ of Michael Cann’s Feldenkrais services

Six years and counting

Today, the 22nd of January is the 6th birthday of the incorporation of Bravo Charlie and thus, myself being self employed in my own Pty Ltd. Thank you for your support, recommendations, your time in viewing what I create and processing all my associated online commentary – it is a genuine pleasure to assist individuals, […]

Rainee Lyleson

Filming underway for Rainee (visit website) – a beautiful singer who does an amazing one-woman show called ‘Take me as I am” – the life and songs of Joni Mitchell.      Recording backing audio for the ‘introductory trailer’ after the main filming ‘

The sky is the limit

Have you got a global audience for your Hula Hooping prowess? How about for teaching the skills of dry needling, or effecting positive change with how people handle their waste at festivals known around the world? These are a few of the things we have been working on since January and some even more exciting […]

Bravo Charlie at Sundance (kinda)

Exciting times ! Our footage of the Wikileaks rallies in Melbourne has been included in a documentary Premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

Return of the Sun Festival

Filmed and produced on behalf of Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, Return of the Sun and The Kindred Spirit Festival

Paul Keating, The Angry Busker, new studios & EOFY

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Check out our latest newsletter – click to view – Highlights include; * New broadcast facilities * Kindness Trust ‘going viral’ * Prowellness Video Tour * MCEC and the Angel Investors * The day Eureka sold for 30 million.. * Owen Campbell ‘AKA the Angry Busker’ going national * Spotlight feature of our work via Grass […]

Yoga Camp – ‘in a word’

Our second video for – the first video is on the front of their website and the organisers say it greatly helped them sell-out weeks before the camp. This one will go right next to it; let us know what you think!

Improving the bottom line with a Social Media System

If you are a business owner, Chief Financial officer or marketing manager, you need to know why a social media system is going to improve the bottom line of your business, and how creating remarkable content is going to drive new customers to you; Please watch the short video associated to this article. Now by […]

The Double Rainbow Promo

Hugo & Treats were fortunate to be booked two years running at the Rainbow Serpent festival chill stage. This video is a synthesis of those two shows. Treats mixes eclectic beats from around the world with Hugo free-styling over the top, connecting with the assembled crowd and building towards a crescendo of communing oneness.

RMIT SPACE centre launch

A bold challenge has been set to researchers, industry players and international partners; Australia is joining the SPACE game in a major way – will you join in?

Video content related to the newly launched and federally funded RMIT Satellite Positioning Atmosphere Climate and Environment centre (SPACE)