John Fleming – Big things coming

Bravo Charlie specialise in targeted video communication - JohnFlemingMaton 1024x7661

At a meeting with Phil Bateman from Bravo Charlie we had a go at this blog post. Hope you enjoy the beginning of the story. “Although you can’t see it – this is a lovely Maton 503 semi acoustic guitar. Very nice through a fender princeton amp.”  Here is John playing Dreaming in Colour; Click here to […]


Once a dream, now a reality. Creator Mardy Daniel aspires to take in all of his fans crazy ideas and turn them into a reality, purely for your entertainment. Welcome to festival couch, where anything is possible and no dream is too far from reality.

Portable Dance Portal opening at Federation square

Portable dance portals are opening everywhere (and when you know the power, you can create your own right where you are standing, just follow that wiggle in the base of your spine and then let your mental stigmas fall away – move, surrender your mind, join your heartbeat and breathe out, then in, your mouth open, your hands unclenched – the rhythm will have you, and then, you don’t ever have to walk again.

Serenading Unicorn

Brighten up a friends day (or just your own) with a Serenading Unicorn – excellently produced, highly shareable content (3 songs)