David Naylors comedy services

David Naylor AKA Doug, HiP to be Green, Dr Funk, Guru Dudu, Jean-Paul and Woody Alllen presents ‘The Transition 10 Launch; integrating humour to engage, educate and inspire’

This project was developed to provide David Naylor with an easily shareable tool that he could send to potential customers.

The job involved roving camera work on the day, still image capture, vox pops inside and out, compiling footage from multiple cameras, scripting and shooting explanatory segments, editing, graphics, linking the final clip to a newly setup mailing list and assisting David with the transition of his existing email management system (800+ users weekly) to MailChimp.

Linked in recommendation from David Naylor:

“Philip is a dedicated and creative operator. He worked with me hands on from start to finish to create a promotional video of highlights of a recent comedy show I produced.

He is constantly thinking ahead to ensure all opportunities are seized. As a video editor he works fast, with a sharp eye for detail and timing that makes the final product look schmick! And did I mention he is very patient in adapting to my needs.

Phil brought an abundance of up-to-date web and digital production knowledge saving me many headaches and research time – invaluable as a sole operator.

I also appreciate his ability to contextualise his work within my broader business strategy, and to consider all issues such as copyright. If you’re seeking a jump-start on your competitors in terms of video/YouTube promotion with a quick turn around, then talk to Philip.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative – March 9, 2010

Over one thousand people turned out to welcome the launch of the Transition Decade;

“..enacted to aid greater collaboration, the Transition Decade presents a shared time frame for action that aims to accelerate the scale, scope and speed of change needed to restore a safe climate.

Many of the solutions are well within our reach. Now is the time to engage everyone, everywhere. Together we can restore a safe climate.”

Transition 10 is organised and supported by;

Friends of the Earth - http://www.foe.org.au/
Beyond zero emissions - http://beyondzeroemissions.org/
Climate Emergency Network - http://www.climateemergencynetwork.org/
Transition Network - http://transitiontowns.org/
Sustainable Living Foundation - http://www.slf.org.au
Climate Action Moreland - http://climateactionmoreland.org/
Environment Victoria - http://www.environmentvictoria.org.au/
Australian Youth Climate Coalition - http://www.aycc.org.au/
Yarra Climate Action Now - http://yarraclimateactionnow.blogspot./
Darebin Climate Action Now - http://www.climatemovement.org.au/gro…


Filmed and produced by Philip Bateman for Bravo Charlie TV

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