Enterprise Connect Conference video

Fly from Melbourne to Canberra; see world recognised names including Roger La Salle (Matrix Thinking) and Naomi Simson (founder of Red Balloon), plus leading Australian companies (Ontera, Focus Press and Showerline); meet the Enterprise Connect business advisers and staff, then drop into a presentation on Digital economy opportunities – without leaving home!

The conference took place at the Australian National University from the 18th to the 20th of January, 2012.

Find out more at Enterprise Connect (http://enterpriseconnect.gov.au)

Music by Francolin (http://francolin.bandcamp.com) and The Pierce Brothers (http://www.facebook.com/piercebrothersmusic)

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  1. Loved the presentation at the conference and took a lot away with me. Will look forward to working a lot closer in the future, and getting your help for some of my clients.


  2. Philip

    Thanks for a great presentation at the recent EC Conference.

    I try to include a video clip in all my Client workshops.

    EFQM, SC21 and the clients using these tools can be very inspirational.

    Thanks for bringing EC into the 21C

    Why not a video clip BR Report ?

    Too innovative for the Department of innovation perhaps…

    Keep up the good work !

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