How much have we had on?!!?

No blog posts in months? Crazy!! But have we been doing nothing? Hell no.

Currently in final edits for the TV commercial booked for national broadcast through channel 9 in June.

Built and filmed 4 videos after meeting her at Lentils.  Such a beautiful young musician!

Built including photography and videos. launched with our videos on every page including our recent filming of the Hitchcock Cellar launch + making of video;


Went to Flinders filming a huge 21st with fireworks and 3 day setup (currently in editing)

Shot stills and video (in editing) for Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tour

Did a quick video Bojangles after attending their festival

Made from scratch.

Currently going through a LinkedIn strategy development guide for a client and then heading out to film the story of 5 Rhythms in Melbourne with a sound recordist, camera car and associated shenanigans!  Very exciting!

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