Huyck Wangner / Xerium & Air Radiators

Along with staff interviews for the Geelong Manufacturing Council, we headed out to interview the CEO / GM’s of Aus Pits, Huyck Wangner and Air Radiators

Huyck Wangner


That’s not how you make porridge! Rightly so.. It’s how you make the water filtration layer for paper processing (paper starts out 98% water and 2% pulp then reverses to 2/98 water to pulp) – filming with the GM of Huyck Wangner / Xerium ( )

Air Radiators

Who’s your biggest fan in life? I would definately say mum and dad, though they don’t keep massive trucks cool (every Kenworth in Australia) or ensure high speed trains in Japan do not overheat, these massive radiators do (featuring Jamie Baensch, general manager of Air Radiators –

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