Troopertrek, Festival Couch & Starlight Foundation

“If you have a dream just go out and do it – don’t be one of those people who just sits on the couch, unless your couch is as awesome as these guys” – Jacob French

In July, 2011 Jacob French began walking from Perth to Sydney (in Stormtrooper armour) to raise awareness and money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Having covered 4,000 kilometers, he spent the afternoon with Festival Couch.  Support his goal of $100,000 by donation at

Join the trooper on Facebook via or Twitter via!/troopertrek.

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Audio c/o of Gramatik – chillaxin’ by the sea (

Make sure to visit Jacob’s Troopertrek page and leave him a few bucks, he walks 5,000 kilometres and you give over $5 or more to get $100,000 for the kids – a good deal right?

Filmed, directed and produced by Bravo Charlie.

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