“We are extremely happy; our staff love the video and have shown it to many friends and family.

Through Bravo Charlies PR journalists and foodies keep contacting me, we have customers on a mailing list and it just keeps growing –

I’m looking forward to doing a series of videos in the coming months”

– Nick, Shocolate owner

LinkedIn recommendations;

“I found Philip very knowledgable, informative, creative and very energetic. I would recommend Philip’s services to those seeking tailored service delivered with in a unique manner.” April 12, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Melissa Carstens

“Philip is a dedicated and creative operator. He worked with me hands on from start to finish to create a promotional video of highlights of a recent comedy show I produced.

He is constantly thinking ahead to ensure all opportunities are seized. As a video editor he works fast, with a sharp eye for detail and timing that makes the final product look schmick! And did I mention he is very patient in adapting to my needs.

Phil brought an abundance of up-to-date web and digital production knowledge saving me many headaches and research time – invaluable as a sole operator.

I also appreciate his ability to contextualise his work within my broader business strategy, and to consider all issues such as copyright. If you’re seeking a jump-start on your competitors in terms of video/YouTube promotion with a quick turn around, then talk to Philip.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative – March 9, 2010

David Naylor

“Philip has an infectious energy about him and it shows in his results. He has helped me through his canny ability to distill the essence of a business model and make constructive recommendations on future growth paths.

He is also extremely well connected, particularly in the environmental business sector and has put me in touch with some very influential people. It’s exciting to work with him and I recommend him highly.”

September 6, 2009

Sean Dostal hired Philip as a Business Consultant in 2009;

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Philip is a breath of fresh air! He was one of the first people we met who truly understood the power of PR and he wanted to try it himself. He is anything but lethargic! Within a day of purchasing our media contact lists he had refined his press release and sent it out to the media – all with great results.

Philip is a doer and is tenacious – two qualities that will stand him in good stead as he builds his business. I would recommend him to anyone who wants someone to really achieve what they have set out to do…and he’s not bad at PR either!”

Sep 7, 2009

Jules Brooke, Founding Partner, Handle Your Own PR
was a consultant or contractor to Philip at Bravo Charlie

“Thanks for your insights on marketing and social media in relation to Despite thinking that I’d heard it all, you surprised me with many in depth insights and a lot of food for thought. I’ll be utilising your services again shortly!”

September 7, 2009

Daniel Granot hired Philip as a Business Consultant in 2009, and hired Philip more than once;

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

“I worked with Philip during his Masters program at Swinburne. In particular, I lead a “Business Growth” simulation, during which Philip took on the demanding role of CEO. What impressed me most about Philip was the way he combined the capacity to make decisions and assume authority with the willingness to listen and engage his people.

In essence, he modeled the CEO role at its best. It is a simulation I facilitate regularly, and I rarely see someone embrace and excel in the CEO role as effectively and/or readily. Clearly, Philip has what it takes to manage and to lead.”

Sep 6, 2009

John Lonergan , Lecturer, Swinburne University
taught Philip at Swinburne University of Technology

“Philip has been a co-mentor within Swinburne University offering guidance to entrepreneurs and business students in terms of ideas-generation, structure, funding options and marketing – in fact all aspects of leveraging success in multiple industries through unique selling points, ethical practices and cutting edge thinking. Philip has the ability to offer suggestions that are clear and insightful, yet deliver these insights in a manner which is respectful of the individual’s own goals and personal identity.

Interacting with him over other issues (e.g. the Aust. Grad School of Entrepreneurship Alumni Association) has also been likewise a rewarding and easy communication process, and I feel he has not only the ability but the drive to succeed at driving multiple projects.”

September 13, 2009

Karen Dempster, Director and Lead Consultant,
KD&A Creating Change

“Philip is a man full of passionate ideas. He is able to see a wide perspective and to quickly decide how to respond to situations as they emerge. He solves problems quickly and effectively. Creative and thoughtful, Phil is very engaging and communicative.”

December 7, 2008

John Batros, Lecturer in HRM & Organisation Studies, Swinburne University taught Philip at Swinburne University of Technology.

“Philip is a strategic, creative, professional and friendly person to work with. I worked on many client projects with Phillip and every time he would have new ideas that excelled the project further than the clients expectations. It was a pleasure working with Philip and I would recommend him to any business. He always brought to the table a creative way of lifting the business’s bottom line through sales and marketing.”

February 24, 2010

John Salib, CEO, Atiya Resources

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