Improving the bottom line with a Social Media System

If you are a business owner, Chief Financial officer or marketing manager, you need to know why a social media system is going to improve the bottom line of your business, and how creating remarkable content is going to drive new customers to you;

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Now by a Social media system I mean something that is measurable, manageable, entertaining, shareable and profitable.By ‘measurable’ we are talking about Google Analytics, and this gives you a really good insight into who is using your website, allowing you to set goals such as ‘Where you are now’ and ‘Where you want to get to’ – then track how the content you produce is getting you to those goals.After that we have ‘manageable’, and this means a WordPress system such as a place where you can easily update content, and a dedicated person in your organisation can respond to customer requirements by creating answers and short videos such as this, to spread the message – and do it in a matter of hours, not days or weeks as it traditionally used to take.’Entertaining’ means having your fingers in the social media channels; creating remarkable videos (in the Seth Godin sense) for YouTube, spreading things via Facebook.

The benefit of this is that when you put content into Facebook, the amount of times it gets seen in a week is quite astronomical, compared to amount of time someone would visit a website – which is once or twice – because people are constantly refreshing their Facebook page, and constantly checking in to all of the content when they visit your page, so this gives you a lot more exposure over time.

‘Shareable’ would be a newsletter system such as Mailchimp, and I love this because it ties into the Measurability, letting you support time specific broadcasting (Facebook / Twitter) with email folks can open at times that suits them.  Mailchimp lets you identify who is looking at your content, how many times they have opened your content and what bits they clicked on.

This opens up a world of opportunity for improving sales conversions, because rather than speaking to six hundred people you have emailed, you just focus in on the ten people that have opened your newsletter the most, then you sub focus onto who clicked onto what specific content (Click the links to see a recent newsletter from Shocolate and Bravo Charlie)

Then you can call the person that was most interested, specifically in the product or opportunity – that they identified to you – and all you did is send them the content in the first place, whilst being able to track what was going on; it is really powerful!

Lastly we have ‘Profitable’, because all this is about improving your conversion rate; Maybe you have built an app and you want to sell that, maybe you have an online store that you want to push – regardless of if you are a traditional bricks and mortar business or a digital business, a regularly updated, content rich social media system will bring more customers to you, that are more interested, and that become ambassadors for your company.  Your job is to take the time to respond to them well; basically, to offer good customer service.

There is nowhere to hide anymore with Social Media; you have to be there – you have to do it, your customers already are and so is your rcompetition.

It is not confusing, it is not hard, but you do need to start – and I would really like to help you with that.

My name is Philip Bateman (View Linkedin profile) and you can find out more at the Bravo Charlie website, in the Case studies section or come say hello on Facebook – thank you for reading (and watching!).


* Video drives engagement
* People want to be part of the story
* Sales staff benefit from support (a social media co-ordinator)
* Everything is measurable
* It is not hard, firms just need to start

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