RMIT SPACE centre launch

Bravo Charlie was contracted by to provide interview, filming, graphics and production services in association with the launch of RMIT’s new SPACE (Satellite, Positioning, Atmosphere, Climate and Environment centre).

Including creating the youtube channel (, presenting the material on 4 x 55″ plasma screens at the launch event and working to meet the objectives of Science Advantage and the RMIT SPACE centre, Bravo Charlie consulted to both the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation at RMIT and a senior researcher at the Bureau of Metereology on the benefits of social media and content production.

Through pre-filming interviews and then 1 to 2 hours with each of the interviewees, we were able to answer important questions in the three two-minute videos such as;

Why should researchers get involved?
What are the benefits of working with RMIT?
What can you get from the post-grads and student resources at RMIT?
How can you create great benefit for the Australian community?
What are the opportunities to develop in this scientific area?
How can you enhance your scientific career?

What opportunities exist for business partners?
What benefits are their for existing and potential companies working in the space arena?

How does satellite information relate to remoting sensing regarding minerals exploration, severe weather and climate change?

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