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Begin the capital raising journey

Will your pitch stand up to the questions we ask you? Have you validated your offer? Where are you at in the funding cycle; Friends, fools and family (FFF) or Angel?

Are you Impact focused and can you show your understanding of measurement frameworks in support of your pitch? Who are you going to go to, how do you open the right doors and what do you give them to show you’ve done the work?

If you’re looking at Series A/B and Venture Capital, or an IPO, your pitch still needs to stand up to the scrutiny we can put you under – consider us your sounding board, pitching coach and insurance policy that you get it right when it counts; in the room with the investors.

Many questions. We can help you with all of this.

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If you want to look further, head over to to learn more including a look at Larry E Greiner’s Evolution and Revolution as Organisations Grow, along with the Business Model Canvas.

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How to Increase Stakeholder Engagement through Video Production to “Tell the Story” & “Gain Acceptance”?

We came to Philip and his team with short notice, a tight time frame and broad requirements, then used the videos created to summarise and sell the future of our business unit in a national roadshow. Clients and internal stake holders loved it and the program is ongoing; I’d highly recommend Bravo Charlie if you want serious engagement and acceptance for your initiatives

Bravo Charlie specialise in targeted video communication - Greg Brereton

Greg Brereton

Interim National Business Manager, GrainCorp Oils

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