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Craft a compelling story that delights shareholders

Are you as engaging as Netflix?

It’s a high bar to meet, though people are inundated with quality entertainment and don’t have time to spare, so you need to be engaging and take them on a journey.

With strategy, focus and effort, short video and digital systems will deliver on your engagement goals.

A project with the same requirement

Panorama Synergy

When presenting the video above, the chairman was told ‘… now I get what we do!!’ – this is regular feedback organisations get when showing the content we make to their stakeholders.

Asked to bring the potential of a 10 year technology journey and new company acquisition to light for long-term investors and the ASX, we conducted interviews with the CEO, contacted field partners, sourced footage, re-purposed old material, scripted, narrated and managed voice over artists to present the following video.

It was used as the opening to the 2017 AGM in Melbourne, then released to the ASX.


Bravo Charlie specialise in targeted video communication - Quote mark@2x

I cannot rate Bravo Charlie and Philip Bateman too highly.

Given only limited notice and provided with scant notes, it took Philip only 2 weeks to develop a highly professional and polished corporate promotional video that captured the core of what our company is about.

Thank you Philip !

Bravo Charlie specialise in targeted video communication - Peter Lewis

Peter R. Lewis AM

CEO, Hydrix

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