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Craft content to meet a business objective

Engaging a national work force to move in a new direction, rolling out a leadership program globally, having a safety program move from site trials to a country wide foot print, engaging commercial partners to embrace and integrate academic research to their programs..

..these are some of the initiatives we have devised content strategies for, filmed, interviewed, delivered and supported team leads and C-level executives to roll out, leverage network opportunities and succeed with.

You want to make things happen in your company? Engaging stakeholders through video will get you quicker results.

A project with the same requirement

AIG Engagement Survey

Tasked with creating material based around a recent national Employee Engagement program, our team set about 4 days of filming in Sydney and Melbourne, conducting 23 individual interviews with a focus on middle to senior management, then graduates and the CEO. Using a loosely defined conversational interview style approach, from our raw material we created over 60 pieces of individual content along with an 8 minute compilation.

The CEO then opened Town Halls with our highlight video on a national road show, and shorter segments were used on daily and weekly release through the companies intranet to open discussion and detail change.

Noel Condon, CEO of AIG Australia and Philip Bateman, Managing Director, Bravo Charlie

If you want film in a boardroom, make sure you have space as video producers often get sent to this room only to find the table doesn’t move!

It’s all about patience when it comes to making quality content.  Can you see every line break in the green areas?  That’s where we have cut someone’s sentence to merge or shuffle it in place – making people come across as amazing speakers is what we do, and there isn’t a trick, it’s simply asking good questions, understanding conversational nuance and a lot of effort in the editing 🙂

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Philip and the team at Bravo Charlie were fantastic to work with. We were extremely happy with the results of the employee videos he filmed and edited for us and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing corporate videos created.

Bravo Charlie specialise in targeted video communication - Lisa Rose



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