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Develop your client’s use of video and storytelling

Technical leaders make amazing things, and technical companies generally have superb quality. Unfortunately they often don’t contextualise their solutions in a way that clients find relatable.

Similarly, empathic social leaders miss the nuances of how they improve processes and outcomes at scale.

Across the board, companies have created outcomes for their clients and stakeholders that have transformed working if not personal lives, and these outcomes are ready to be captured, if only the right questions were asked.

This is what we bring to the table, backed up by cutting edge digital marketing and software knowledge, which is absolutely fundamental to having the newly created video stories interacted with, and leveraged as business tools.

A project with the same requirement

NourishMe Organics

NourishMe Organics is Australia’s leading Gut Health company and came to Bravo Charlie when they had a bottle neck with their progress, being as they had a large customer base on their website, though this wasn’t converting as best they could and they wanted to embrace video as a way forward.

You can see greater detail on what we achieved for them by clicking here to visit NourishMe Organics in the Portfolio, though in short, after deep market and systems research, along with several pieces of video creation, we crafted a 5 Page Gut Health Guide downloadable PDF aka lead magnet, to intercept their home page traffic and convert people to a time based email series with information and product offers in, then renamed their Facebook Group from a company orientated title into the ‘Gut Health Gurus’, which is now self moderating and includes over 13,000 people – the leading Gut Health information source in the country.

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Philip’s expertise, experience and commercial success on behalf of his clients justifies his overt enthusiasm for what Bravo Charlie can do.

He is a knowledgeable and engaging professional who I happily recommend to anyone toying with the idea of video content to support their social media marketing mix.

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Mark Reid

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