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Document an event

There is so much you can get out of an event, when you consider your business strategy before hand.

The truth is no one want’s a highlight of something that has already happened – people are generally present and future beings, so use video to get people excited about attending your upcoming event, and then capture them on the day in a way you can use as tools for your future growth and plans.

We’ve launched investor engagement programs, kicked off new sales automation processes, supported property development, landed multi-year building maintenance contracts, set consultants up for their next big thing and made a lot of customers very happy with their suppliers, all through documenting events with intent.

A project with the same requirement

International Women’s Day for International Chamber House

Asked to capture and present the essence of the International Chamber House and 8 contributing International Chambers of Commerce’s International Women’s Day High Tea, including interviewing the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, the CEO of Global Victoria, the CEO of the Australia China Business Council and the CEO of Ranstand APAC, we had a ball – delivering an early IWD video, a highlight and 21 pieces of short content taken from 4 interviews!

Have a look below for some behind the scenes images, and you can see the video we created at the end.

Filming with Gonul Serbest, CEO of Global Victoria

Sally Capp, Lord Mayor of the City of Melbourne

4 hours of footage, 4 interviews, 3 cameras and a blank 3 minute canvas – assembling the edit

Click here or the image below to watch the video on LinkedIn

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We see video was a really important medium for communicating our message. Philip has interviewed around 40 people for us over the last two years. They've ranged from government leaders to business leaders across a wide variety of sectors.

His interviews are always very well researched and if you're looking for someone to produce a video for you, with senior leaders in your company or on a variety of topics, I do recommend Philip.

He's easy to work with has a quick turnaround and the end result is a very good one.

Bravo Charlie specialise in targeted video communication - VirginiaBirrell

Virginia Birrell

CEO, Australia China Business Council Victoria

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