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Document your own success with clients

Specialists, aren’t we all? Though in a world of thought up marketing claims, how do your potential clients tick the box in their minds and the minds peers, marked Trust?

They do it by watching short videos of people you’ve already worked with, offering insight into how your services have opened up new opportunities for them.

The way to get your clients to say those things, is to make the filming experience about them, articulate the experience in a way that ensures they don’t need to get anything right, and give them control over the final product.

You then need to ask them questions that are insightful enough for them to speak to their domain expertise, and revealing enough to include you as the mechanism that enables them in their domain.

We’ve got capturing word of mouth testimonial marketing down to a fine art. Have a look at some of our work and hear from our clients below.

A project with the same requirement

Sonny Neale and Simon Dehne

Mid 2018 we were asked a few days before a Conference to appear in the Yarra Valley and capture feedback from a facilitators clients, and craft useful video pieces he could leverage to engage other potentials.

A little further back in 2014, we were asked by a strategic futurist and an award winning facilitator, to capture the essence of his vibe, focusing on his high energy style, whilst giving him content he could use to promote his business and engage new clients.

In addition to recording the presentation through multiple cameras, the additional filming was done in a brief 45 minutes over lunch, capturing 5 short interviews and asking 3 questions of each person. This was all we needed to get the material and deliver within a few days of the filming. You can see both of the highlight videos below.
Sonny Neale working with the Greater Melbourne Cemeteries Trust
Simon Dehne presenting his Conscious Futures material

It’s pretty straight forward:

If you’re a business advisor, and you want to document what you’re doing and integrate it into your sales process “We’ve got you”.

Bravo Charlie specialise in targeted video communication - Quote mark@2x

We hired Bravo Charlie to record a presentation to upload on our website. Philip was fantastic, took control of the situation and guided me through the process to ensure the end product was very professional.

I was also wrapped with the after sales production and service, Philip wanted to make sure the end result delivered what we were wanting to achieve and continued to make further recommendations - It is my pleasure to recommend Philip and his business.

Bravo Charlie specialise in targeted video communication - Simon Dehne

Simon Dehne

Conscious Futures

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