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Educate your colleagues about digital marketing and video

Want an engaging, case study based go-to-woah on how your organisation can build on it’s existing digital infrastructure and the various paths you can choose to lean in to video as a sales and stakeholder engagement tool? We’ve got you.

Either an jam-packed session of 2 hours or a series of 4 sessions where we can articulate, reflect upon, build and craft an actionable plan for your senior management to use. This is available remotely or on-site.

Along with our 90+ clients of the past 11+ years, organisations that have trusted to deliver education seminars include The Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs Programme (formerly Enterprise Connect) at two of their National Conferences, The CEO Institute, The Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL), The City of Boroondara’s Economic Development Unit and The Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship.

A project with the same requirement

Presenting to the Federal Governments Business Advisor Network

During the 2017 Annual Conference for Business Advisors of the Australian Governments Entrepreneurs` Programme, held mid July in Canberra, our Managing Director had the opportunity to present a 1 hour workshop, titled Digital Marketing, Story Telling and the China Opportunity for SME’s.

The presentation had several videos which provide a synopsis of the intent behind the session, three of them are below, or click the linked panel image to view the entire blog post.
The power of video to capture imagination
Marketing the dull (a how to) – watch 0:00-1:00 and 4:04 to the end

If you want to see the whole 8 videos used in our presentation, click here or on the image below 🙂

The presentation included references, case studies and deeper on explanation on the power of video to capture imagination, market the dull and convey simplicity.  We discussed the need to kill the press release, document clean and green Australia, understand the difference between retail and selling online, use data to create engaging content, looked at a cautionary tale for multinationals in their usage of social media and dived into ‘new retail’ at Alibaba Hema Supermarkets in China.

Attendees at the conference we’re provided a comprehensive supporting toolkit, which we can provide for you if you get in touch.

Lastly, you can find our part 12 education series on the many aspects of the video journey via or clicking on the image below

Kill the press release – a request from 2013 | 0:00-0:50 & 1:25 to end
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Philip’s expertise, experience and commercial success on behalf of his clients justifies his overt enthusiasm for what Bravo Charlie can do.

He is a knowledgeable and engaging professional who I happily recommend to anyone toying with the idea of video content to support their social media marketing mix.

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Mark Reid

Enterprise Connect Business Advisor

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