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The speed of change in digital – faster than you can conceive, right? Things are innovated, built and deployed faster and faster. The good news is these technologies are simply attempts to be more efficient at overcoming the same problems, which are the fundamentals of delivering good customer service, creating and nurturing sales funnels, and managing projects and change inside your organisation.

Rather than be overwhelmed and leave it in the too hard basket, in under 2 hours with your senior executive, we can not only get everyone on the same page, we can align your vision, identify accessible opportunities, give you a plan and most importantly, confidence.

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Geelong Manufacturing Council

In early 2014 through to 2015 we supported the Geelong Manufacturing Council to document ministerial speeches, events and members of the council.  Our latest round of production involved filming all senior staff and making short vignettes at various client sites, including Huyck Wangner, Aus Pits and Air Radiators.

The purpose of the filming was to capture content the program managers could use to spread the services of the Council and engage manufacturers.

Working with the GMC reaffirmed how much of a pleasure it is to support committed government folk developing our manufacturing, high tech, national and international capacities.


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The Geelong Manufacturing Council (GMC) engaged Bravo Charlie to develop a comprehensive bespoke package of video content designed to 'message' the GMC value proposition into our preferred target market(s) using digital channels. The video concept, development and recording process was at all times a professional seamless experience and enabled the GMC to shift its 'messaging' into web based channels in order to engage with an increasingly digital (commercial) audience.

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