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Highlight your customers

It’s the simplest and most valuable content you will ever make – let’s go to those you have created value for and ask them how their work has changed, in a way that highlights the nuances of what you deliver.

Then let’s take this content, and show it to people just like those we’ve interviewed, so you can turn them into customers.

If you haven’t done this already, are you expecting exceptional results from your sales people without giving them the best tools? We can fix that for you.

A project with the same requirement

Ranger, Aran and MEDIQ

Ranger Industrial

Through the Australian Governments Enterprise Connect program, we again worked with an established and dedicated Australian company.  Through a week of filming on-site at their offices and clients in NSW, 42 videos were produced including the creation of animated intro and outro titles for their different departments. From testimonials to products, facility overviews and staff interviews, Ranger now have a solid body of video material to integrate with their sales process, website and social media system, click here to read more in our Portfolio.

Aran Continuous Concrete Mixing

A 35+ year old, second generation family owned business, that have been developing and manufacturing their own continuous mixing devices for roller compacted concrete dams, quarries, mine backfill, road construction and airports, used world wide including Canada, USA and Australia.

In addition, they import and distribute the worlds leading slipformed curbing machine (Power Curber) throughout Australia and New Zealand – Aran contracted Bravo Charlie to support the redevelopment of their business strategy and focus in both domestic and international markets.

Click to read more in the Portfolio.

MEDIQ Financial Services

2016 and 2017 Financial Practice of the Year, including using our videos as part of the awards submission, we delivered 31 videos of Financial Service for Doctor goodness, including the main MEDIQ narrative video, supported by 3 staff aggregate videos, 8 videos with the senior partners and 18 pieces of content filmed with clients of the company.

Complementing the videos were a website integration and marketing strategy using the companies existing mailing list and IT infrastructure, plus in-house video production training and studio setup at the client site.  See more in the Portfolio.

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Philip is an enthusiastic, creative professional who can assess what a business needs very quickly and accurately.

His ability to develop a business strategy through extracting the company “story” is as effective as it is fun. Philip’s skill of asking the right open, leading questions not only helps to convey the business to your clients, but also galvanises the business focus to the management team and staff.

Storytelling is a dying art. Philip instills a passion to tell a story and as a result, it give a business a sense of purpose and your clients a passion to follow.

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Shane Dunstan

CEO, ARAN & Responsible Mining Solutions

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