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Identify opportunities you can leverage in the future

Our clients are always surprised at how accessible opportunities are when viewed through a new lens, you’ll get an actionable plan and a new vision in our first meeting.

Results come from listing and aligning your available stakeholders, then identifying leverage points in your business development, sales and follow up processes, then looking to external networks such as Chambers of Commerce, Industry groups and Public Relations:

What are you about? Who’s it for? Where are they? How do we give them something that captures the value you can provide, in a format they can pass on to their peers? It’s this initial strategy that we specialise in at Bravo Charlie, we can open doors in hours and days, not months and years.

A project with the same requirement

DaRa Electrical

Via the Aus. Governments Enterprise Connect program, we spent a week with DaRa Electrical switchboards in 2013 filming their facilities, staff and clients, then three weeks producing a body of video content (25+ pieces) that they could integrate with their existing website.

We trained their in-house Social Media co-ordinator in how to produce video content, plus how to leverage linkedin and engage with potential audiences through blogging and content sharing.
Since our initial filming, Dara have continued to double down on video and are regularly producing and releasing via LinkedIn.  They are the number 1 producer of power electrical switchboards in Australia and distribute nationally:

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The videos and digital marketing we created with Bravo Charlie have improved our sales and perception in our target markets. Philip was recommended by Enterprise Connect and started by consulting to us on our processes and what we were seeking, then directed and filmed our senior management and staff over 4 days. He brought a team with him for the filming and we are very proud of the results. From this we made 18 videos and receive ongoing support - video works for our business.

Bravo Charlie specialise in targeted video communication - Shanaka Unantenne

Shanaka Unantenne

Managing Director, DaRa Switchboards

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