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‘I need a video’ is something we hear often, underneath this request, three “why’s” deep, there is a specific challenge, opportunity or goal you are striving for.

Let’s talk about it and discover the best way to achieve your outcome, whilst using best practice digital marketing and video production to move you forwards.

A project with the same requirement

Panorama Synergy ASX

Asked to bring the potential of a 10 year technology journey and new company acquisition to light for long-term investors and the ASX, we conducted interviews with the CEO, contacted field partners, sourced footage, re-purposed old material, scripted, narrated and managed voice over artists to present the following video.

It was used by the Chairman as the opening to the 2017 AGM in Melbourne, then released to the ASX. The response he got was ‘… now I get what we do!!’ – when we make your content, this is the regular cut-through feedback you can expect from your stakeholders – watch the video and have a read from the CEO below;

If you would like to take a more in depth look at Video Production, from high tech manufacturers to social enterprises, including behind the scenes material, visit – and then take a look at 🙂

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I cannot rate Bravo Charlie and Philip Bateman too highly.

Given only limited notice and provided with scant notes, it took Philip only 2 weeks to develop a highly professional and polished corporate promotional video that captured the core of what our company is about.

Thank you Philip!


CEO, Hydrix

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