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It’s about questioning assumptions, throwing around ideas and then relying on subject matter experts to bring it all together:

The complexity of the internet is staggering, and as new technologies appear on the horizon, services move to Cloud first Content Delivery Networks and things like GatsbyJS arrive on the seen to build better, faster websites, not only do you need to blend content, technology and sales strategy, you need to map it against the companies available resources and develop an actionable plan.

In addition to over 90 video content projects in the life of Bravo Charlie, our Managing Director has hand built over 25 websites and acted as the clients advocate and lead information architect between technical and design teams on hundreds more, from redeveloping Macquarie’s DEFT payment system whilst working at SecurePay to developing Boost Juice Bar’s shopping cart website in the early 2000’s.

Clarity and Results – that’s what we deliver, and we’re ready to have a chat when you are:

A project with the same requirement

Aran Continuous Mixing and Slipformed Concrete

The main video we created for the company

Aran are a 40+ year old, second generation family owned business, that have been developing and manufacturing their own continuous mixing devices for roller compacted concrete dams, quarries, mine backfill, road construction and airports, used world wide including Canada, USA and Australia.

In addition, they import and distribute the worlds leading slipformed curbing machine (Power Curber) throughout Australia and New Zealand – Aran contracted Bravo Charlie to support the redevelopment of their business strategy and focus in both domestic and international markets.

The client wanted to develop a deep information resource to educate potential customers about their products, and we went on a journey to transition their online presence and sales tools from a static, text based website to a comprehensive social media system, including an easy to update, responsive (mobile, tablet and desktop) website, architecting the site navigation, doing image optimisation and all copy writing.

Additional we created a YouTube channel with 22+ pieces of content, google analytics and an integrated newsletter system. With one of the company directors we travelled to 5 customer sites throughout NSW and QLD to capture Q&A testimonial, interviewed senior and engineering staff at the company head office as well as creating animated ‘sting’ intro graphics to lift the production value of the video content.

This was another project facilitated with the support of the Entrepreneurs Infrastructure Program (EIP) via

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Philip is an enthusiastic, creative professional who can assess what a business needs very quickly and accurately.

His ability to develop a business strategy through extracting the company “story” is as effective as it is fun. Philip’s skill of asking the right open, leading questions not only helps to convey the business to your clients, but also galvanises the business focus to the management team and staff.

Storytelling is a dying art. Philip instills a passion to tell a story and as a result, it give a business a sense of purpose and your clients a passion to follow.

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Shane Dunstan

CEO, ARAN & Responsible Mining Solutions

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