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Maximise a funding round, sale or IPO

Sound financials are the bedrock an investment decision, though how quickly people do due diligence comes down to how well you engage, how you structure your pitch, the validation of assumptions, the picture you paint and the way you talk about value that can be created for your potential investor.

You’re undoubtedly engaging and know your subject matter. Though once you leave a room, how does the person you were talking to turn to a colleague, say ‘we should do this’ and then have the ‘trust’ box ticked that covers their ass if things don’t work out? They do it by pressing play on a video, and showing your existing stakeholders validating your proposition.

By effectively articulating your story we can drive engagement and increase returns. Let us show you how.

A project with the same requirement

The road to IPO

Below you can hear directly from a CEO on the IPO journey and see behind the scenes at Google HQ in Melbourne, where we filmed investor interviews as part of Shareable Apps capital raising journey.
Interviewing the Co-founder of Hairhouse Warehouse at Google HQ
The videos created from 30 minutes at the end of the event


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As CEO of a company raising capital and going through the IPO process, in our initial meeting I did a massive brain dump and within 10 minutes Philip had completely scripted up a presentation, pulled out all the salient points and helped me improve my pitch.

He has upped our video game and been instrumental in helping me distribute our message to shareholders, clients and staff.

Bravo Charlie specialise in targeted video communication - Adam Friedman



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