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Strengthen your social license to operate

In a digital world when thousands can descend upon you at a moments notice, your narrative is the most important thing you have.

If you’re not controlling it, who is?

There are many examples of companies having a problem, and the first anyone hears is an empty, protective legal statement and maybe an average video from the CEO talking about their quality standards and how the 50+ media articles currently circulating don’t understand what has really gone on.

Can you blame the public for not having much faith? Build your platform, speak regularly with your people, gain their trust and control your message:

If you want a community to accept your initiative, from technological innovation like wind farms and decentralised power grids, through to new residential developments, company mergers or any large scale change, if you don’t lean in, the loudest voices that aren’t yours will decide what happens with your business plans.

It’s about turning passers by into fans, and then evangelists.

A project with the same requirement

Moulamein Foods & Harry's Choice

Filmed during the 2016/17 Harvest for the Moulamein Grain Co-Operative in the NSW Riverina food bowl, including local farmers, plant and machinery operators and local council members, then planning and supporting the national marketing of the brand within Australia, the material produced has been extremely well received.

As part of the project, we also filmed their recently purchased Northern Valley Stock Feed business, who supply through the Harry’s Choice brand and delivered video content for their business partner Hi-Form.

We then supported the team to engage the local community, and their off-shore representatives to translate the material into Mandarin for usage in the Chinese market.

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I met Philip by chance at a trade fair in Xiamen China in 2016, and he encouraged us to do promotional video to support our product. He was great to work with, his dedication, enthusiasm, infectious humor and understanding of what we required delivered high quality content, that told our story of providence with great content, color and vibrance, that Moulamein Foods has shown all over China.

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