Shareable Apps Google Launch

On the road to IPO, we attended a private investor announcement / Google partnership launch, coaching the CEO on camera and capturing insights from attendees, then used to produce investment engagement material for the capital raise.

Beauty in Movement

Portland, Oregon’s best known Hoop Dance teacher and Holistic Stylistic wanted to uplift her collateral, document her passion, history and supporters, and transition to online training.

Written in Stone

It was my great pleasure to kick off our 2019 Interview series with Philomena Manifold – Geologist, Author, Illustrator, Photographer and Philosopher – fresh from

The Knight

Integration of our video production to the homepage of The Knight, along with further video as people sign up for downloadable documents we created for

Executive Flights

It’s been interesting to watch Executive Flights make headlines and carve out a niche – “Privy to off-market deals, Executive Flights specializes in helping our

Tantric Blossoming

Hear from Martina Hughes and Rod Gordon, with Bravo Charlie’s founder, Philip Bateman Filming on the night Below you can see the difference between getting

From Picture To Page

Prior to the filming, we started out with a consulting session and you can hear from Michelle and Robert, owners of Picture to Page below,


In the case of Janelle Da Silva, we were asked to capture and present her ‘Frankganistan’ show in a format to support audience engagement, national

Futurist Strategies

Click here to visit Sonnyneale.com and learn more about his work Philip Bateman (Bravo Charlie Founder and Managing Director, on-site conducting the interviews)

MADi Home

A 30+ year old company works on a project for 3+ years before launch and its ‘an overnight success’ 😀  It was my great pleasure to

Panorama Synergy ASX

This video result is below, to which the chairman was told ‘… now I get what we do!!’ – this is regular feedback organisations get

NourishMe Organics

A quick behind the scenes video of getting the last 5% in quality!  Click to watch it on Facebook Filming the video workshop introduction for

Hyliion in Australia

On the Australian side of things, we set about engaging and successfully receiving letters of intent to trial and purchase Hyliion units from Linfox, Toll

RhythmWave at Burning Man

Watch the FundRaiser video by clicking below **** I love a good fire, don’t you?  Image below taken by Philip Bateman, the 2016 Temple burn

GrainCorp AusCol

7 am start and the first job of the year is a wrap – filming for the GrainCorp Oils (AusCol) Safer, Smarter, Greener program – thousands

Design Industries

Click here to get the latest update on Design Industries in our blog Design Industries are one of Asia-Pacific’s leading Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partners.

SafeMate AntiSlip

The complete list (20+) finished videos Behind the scenes images – first up, out at SafeMate client sites; Everyone deserves to look good! Filming in

AIG Internal

Noel Condon (AIG – CEO) and Philip Bateman (Founder and MD – Bravo Charlie) The spread of content achieved through our interview style was extremely

Uniting Care WSH

From our discussion on LinkedIn: The main video we made for Werribee Support and Housing


The testimonial we received on completion of the work; Placement of the content on the VECCI website The series of videos we made

Dawsons Group

The new YouTube channel – http://youtube.com/DawsonsEngAus BEHIND THE SCENES The equipment we took (the green bag is clothes!) Dual Canon C100’s and being a bit

MEDIQ Medical Financial Services

Main narrative video Customer testimonial aggregate – Visit https://www.youtube.com/c/MediqfinancialAu Behind the scenes images: The existing MEDIQ website with video content throughout;

Heart of Spades

On to our second location Our 3 person crew for the day, Marian and I working with a second camera operator Alana Tompson from Black

Engage at Disengo

Capturing ‘Wonderland’ for http://engageatdisegno.com.au – walking the MoVi m10 inverted through the crowd Everyone loves giant inflatable mushrooms

RSF Waste Doco

Here it is: There’s a lot that goes into making this, firstly you interview everyone, asking questions to get the best out of them, and

The Musical Body

If you want to follow along, this is what the timeline looks like:

Tasha Zappala JJJ Unearthed

Visit https://www.facebook.com/TashaZappalaDotCom – https://www.youtube.com/TashaZappala/ – http://tashazappala.com/

QBE Global Leadership Academy

We were asked to support the head of the Leadership Academy in documenting the success of the program during its formative years, including developing an

Conscious Futures

Linkedin Referral (see https://www.linkedin.com/in/philipbateman for more)

Rainee Lyleson & Joni Mitchell

Visit https://www.instagram.com/raineeblake – https://www.youtube.com/raineemusic – http://www.rainee.com.au/ In line with her new sound (2018+) the old videos are gone though you can see the Behind The Scenes

The Nulab Group

The 30 second TVC broadcast in prime-time, nationally throughout Australia: The extended 3 minute facilities tour, featuring all of the staff and components of the

Dry Needling

A full day filming using a 2 camera setup (static wide shot and roving close shot to capture hand techniques) in a closed sound stage


The thoughts of the founder via LinkedIn: The other founder getting ready to ‘roll’ ! The YouTube channel and the website after being updated.

Hoop Lovers

After a 6 hour Gap Analysis & Business Consulting session – they had a comprehensive map of their various business entities, what they wanted to

Barunah Plains

Press the cog in the bottom right of the video window to change to HD (720p or 1080p) and go fullscreen! Inside our editing timeline:

Global Leaders

Due to multiple people reading from a prepared script they had not seen, working in 30 minute blocks with each of them, we used a

Guru Dudu Silent Disco Walking Tour

Have a look – you won’t forget the experience (and it makes a great gift) – http://www.gurududu.org/ + https://www.facebook.com/gurududu

Ranger Industrial

Creating a set inside the storage room (before and after) Filming a slow-motion ‘break-test’ – get as many cameras as you can in there –

Erin Pimm – The Experience

On seeing the video her response was “I love it. It’s exactly what I wanted”. Feedback from her clients has been extremely positive and the

Melbourne’s best event creators

Construction filming + live event capture on the night, edited at the event and then projected back to the audience as the closing piece.

Kindness Trust

A 2018 update, we’ve had word that Philip Wollens feature 10 minute speech during the Wheeler Debate not only triggered off the Vegan movement in

Fox Road

Chatting with the Foxes post filming

Owen Campbell

Owen sent this in from Sydney after we trained him in doing his own videos. Then he knocked out his nearly infamous ‘live at the

Digital Economies

Feedback from the program director of the Forum; The conference seemed like a good opportunity to consistently film 2-3 seconds of footage from the time

Launching RMIT SPACE

Dr Le Marshall and Philip Bateman on the roof of the Bureau of Metereology Professor John Le Marshall, Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research