13 Moons Blood Mysteries Menstrual Charting

Feb-April 2018

Packaging a decade of work into a crowd funding campaign, launching it to a global audience and taking the founders from go to woah in their own business development processes

It’s been a pleasure, a lot of work and an amazing learning to be in support of the 13 Moons Women’s Menstrual Calendar Crowd Funding campaign, as the founders Kaggi Valentine and Sh’ana Shean progress their mission of reconnecting women around the world to their inner wisdom, through Menstrual Charting – see an interview with a co-founder below


Campaign product photography (above) – Client testimonial (below) 


In 10 days of work pre launch, our team setup a knowledge management, collaboration and project management system using Atlassian’s Confluence platform, reviewed and sorted three hundred and fifty pieces of photography, then scripted, filmed and edited interviews along with the main campaign video, completed the copy writing, created the graphic assets and setup the crowd funding campaign, did market research and PR outreach, then organised and directed additional product photography, then started a month of weekly live web-casts to engage the community.


The Pozible campaign page in entirety (above)

A global movement to reconnect women with their inner knowing

Are you feeling out of touch with your innate wisdom and knowingness? Are you seeking embodied ways to live with authenticity and emotional freedom? Want to discover and experience true feminine integrity?When you understand your cycle you can drive your life with connectedness and confidence. You might have become accustomed to your anatomy being brandished as an enigma, out of control and unpredictable like the weather. You may feel swept up at the mercy of your hormones and menstrual cycle, feeling frustrated, disconnected and at worst over-medicated.This doesn't have to be how it is, bceause until you meet your power within, you are not going to find lasting, deep satisfaction in the outside world:Join your sisters in our global crowd funding campaign – https://pozible.com/project/13-moons-womens-menstrual-calendar- Sh'ana Shean#MenstrualCyclist #ReconnectingWomen #Wildandwisewomen #JoinWakeUpWorld

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Reconnecting to your Inner Wisdom through Charting your Cycle

Everything you need to know about Charting your Menstrual Cycle using the 13 Moons Womens' Mystery Calender – join us at http://www.13moonsbloodmysteries.com/store.html#MenstrualCyclist

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The product explainer video (above) Watching one of the weekly Facebook live events (below)

During that time the founders Kaggi and Sh’ana did an amazing job creating content, day in and day out, original, inspiring, on message content that resonated world wide, particularly in Australia, North America, Russia and Europe – click here to have a read of Men and Menstruation, the Cycles as Seasons

Additionally we initiated and filmed a musical recording session of 13 Moons Chants through the Aviary studios in Fitzroy.

The New Old Beauty Song

Do you walk in beauty? On a trail of beauty? All day long? Sing along with us and please share this video :)*This audio is from the video camera microphone, the recorded track being mixed by the studio professional is gorgeous and along with other 4 songs, will be released on Monday to everyone who has pledged in our Pozible campaign by midnight on International Women's Day. So that means, now is the time to pledge – no money is charged until the campaign is completed (in 22 days), all you need is to make a personal commitment.. are you with us? https://pozible.com/project/13-moons-womens-menstrual-calendar

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With the founders focused on content creation and out-reach, we sailed through 30% of the funding target in the first 24 hours, hit the campaign goal 15 days in, and stacked on 3,500+ members to the community from an advertising spend of $1,200.

Thank you to our team

Executive Producer and on-set assistance – Marian Marsden
Photography – Francesco Vicenzi and Jac Price
Model / photography talent – Sarah Alexander
Location and art direction – Paulina Hryniewiecka
Research and data assistant – Vita Bandala
Audio mastering – Fraser Montgomery
Musicbed and Handle Your Own PR

Philip Bateman would also like to publicly thank EVERYONE who supports Sh’ana and Kaggi, as they have been working with women and the 13 Moons Blood Mystery journey for over 13 years, so this campaign is really a moment in time that taps the collective psyche of the community, where the love and support they have poured into others over the years has come back at them.

His personal mentions include;

Unwavering enthusiasm – Grace Natakhan, Michelle Teunon and the ladies of the 13MBM Campaign Midwifery team
Chantresses – Lucy Pierce, Naomi Takita, Jacinta Percy, Marian Marsden, Janelle Da Silva and Grace Natakhan
Men with a plan and strong roots – Kurt Shean & Dave Isaacs
PR and instagram – Janelle Da Silva & Emily Rogers
Network contacts – Lauren Woodman, Marc Cohen and Andy Whiteley

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