Aran Continuous Mixing & Slipformed Concrete

November 14 - March 15

Aran are a 35+ year old, second generation family owned business, that have been developing and manufacturing their own continuous mixing devices for roller compacted concrete dams, quarries, mine backfill, road construction and airports, used world wide including Canada, USA and Australia.

In addition, they import and distribute the worlds leading slipformed curbing machine (Power Curber) throughout Australia and New Zealand – Aran contracted Bravo Charlie to support the redevelopment of their business strategy and focus in both domestic and international markets.

This included transitioning their online presence and sales tools from a static, text based website to a comprehensive social media system, including an easy to update, responsive (mobile, tablet and desktop) website, architecting the site navigation, doing image optimisation and all copy writing.

Additional we created a YouTube channel with 22+ pieces of content, google analytics and an integrated newsletter system. With one of the company directors we travelled to 5 customer sites throughout NSW and QLD to capture Q&A testimonial, interviewed senior and engineering staff at the company head office as well as creating animated ‘sting’ intro graphics to lift the production value of the video content.

This was another project facilitated with the support of the Entrepreneurs Infrastructure Program (EIP) via


Here is the main compilation video created for the company;


For this responsive website we used the Divi WordPress Theme and having been involved in over 200 website implementations, this is easily ‘the best’ content management system from a usability perspective I have found (- Philip Bateman).

(Left side shows administration – right side shows live site)


Here is the initial website we transitioned from;

Aran original site

Here is the customer-based, story-focused website we transitioned to (see it live at;

Aran website

The YouTube channel (;

Aran International YouTube channel

I am excited to support Aran in documenting their client operations around the world and you know the best bit?  6 hours after the new site switched over they got an enquiry via their new form for several hundred thousand dollars worth of infrastructure, telling them where it was supposed to go, how many silos, hoppers and conveyors they needed, the type of aggregate they were putting in and the final product it was to produce – that’s better than a ‘hello’ email don’t you think?

Ready to transition your organisation from a static front-end talking about ‘quality’ and ‘innovation’ into a story-based sales tool that highlights your customers and their operations as the bedrock of the work you do?  Get in touch and we would be delighted to help.

– Philip Bateman (Founder & Managing Director)