Barunah Plains

Dec-Feb 2014-15

Contacted to tell the story of one of Victoria’s greatest homesteads, Bravo Charlie were tasked with supporting the private sale of Barunah Plains whilst positioning it as a potential ‘venue-for-hire’ going concern, firstly by creating a narrative video that told the story of this historical Australian estate home, briefed to us as ‘at it’s best ‘when full of people having a good time’ – so that’s what we did – filled it with people having a good time and filmed the story of it, creating the main narrative, shorter stories and then individual facility segments.

In line with this, we had a team conduct potential audience interviews, spoke to event planners and did a broad customer discovery process, along with reviewing competitive offerings to position Barunah, from which we built the website from scratch and produced the photography for usage in online and billboard / press.

As of December 2015, Barunah sold for an ‘undisclosed sum of millions, estimated to be in the $4.5 million range’ according to local newspaper coverage.

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Inside our editing timeline:


Behind the scenes images follow


Prepare for takeoff

Up and away

My favourite shot

Strapped into the Camera car

Super crew

Documentating the facilities at 2 am

Things to shoot

MoVi m10 from the car (opening shot)

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