Design Industries

February 2016 - ongoing

Acting as outsourced Marketing Director, we are working continuously to improve the businesses ability to communicate, engage, deliver, support and ultimately, drive up value and revenues both for its clients and itself.

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Design Industries are one of Asia-Pacific’s leading Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partners.

Q.  If we went to one of your most valued clients and captured them on camera, making a solid business case for how much you’ve helped them?  What could you do with that?  Do you think that’s something powerful?  Have a listen;

Here is a narrative piece we directed and edited as part of the content production cycle, a lot of work went into this one!

From proposal wording and delivery, interviewing clients to reveal the value they are getting from services, creating events, managing mailing lists, SEO / SEM, analytics, staff and narrative video creation, how-to materials, organisational upskilling in content creation, assistance with proposal negotiation, hiring and growth planning – Design Industries is a thriving business we are proud to be a part of, a business delivering truly revolutionary change to Australia and the world’s biggest companies, via being Melbourne’s premier Atlassian Enterprise Expert.

The latest iteration of the website


1 of 2 events held at the Westin Hotel in Melbourne


Filming the Design Industries ‘Not Your Average Company’ project management narrative piece



Green-screen finale shot