Dry Needling

March 2014 - 2016

Dr. Wayne Mahmoud travels around Australia and abroad teaching 20+ students at a time practical courses in Dry Needling. He came to Bravo Charlie seeking assistance with developing online training material and starting with a Gap Analysis, we went on to film 24 individual pieces of content and 2.5+ hours of learning that documented the ‘Introduction to Dry Needling’ course.

Additionally we helped purchase and setup a home studio for ongoing video creation, train Dr Mahmoud in video presenting and supported CPD in the ongoing development of their e-commerce video training platform. The created content is available now online via CPDHealthCourses.com

A full day filming using a 2 camera setup (static wide shot and roving close shot to capture hand techniques) in a closed sound stage to create 24 individual videos, 2.5+ hours of content and a very happy client;


As we filmed this in 2014, CPD has continued to make online video training a corner stone of their business, and has added much more content since.  Even 5 years later, they are still publishing these original pieces, as you can see below from August 2018 on YouTube:


Visit the CPD Health Courses website to learn more about Dry Needling.

And no shoes on the black-set-drop! 🙂

Filming the Dry Needling training series

Setting up the home studio:

The home studio direct from eBay

Home studio setup