Erin Pimm – The Experience

February 2013

Erin asked us to tell the story of the experience ladies will take through her newly launched photography business. We directed the opening sequences and then captured the process of make-up, outfits and photography during a client shoot.

On seeing the video her response was “I love it. It’s exactly what I wanted”.

Feedback from her clients has been extremely positive and the video is a key component of her process for developing new business.

Alongside filming and editing we also did social media system support and improvement, setting up Vimeo / YouTube channels and editing her Facebook page to bring it up to best practice.

Erin Pimm Photography Experience – I want to give you a picture-perfect moment. A moment of you – who you are, what you desire, and the beauty you possess as a woman. I want to share this gift of photography with you. Let me create it all for you…Audio: Berry – Si C'Est La VieMUA/HA: Brooke-Ariel JacksonPhotography: Erin PimmAssist: Elle Tiffen, Geli LuisModel: Miriam F***Featured dress was custom made by Erin Pimm***Video directed, shot and edited by Philip Bateman of

Posted by Erin Pimm Photography on Tuesday, 5 March 2013