Executive Flights

October 2018

At the end of 2017 we started consulting to the CEO of Executive Flights regarding the content and digital strategy underpinning their growth, refining a value proposition statement and looking at low cost ways to capture attention such as customer testimonials, and use stock video (rather than hire a plane to film in the sky!)

It’s been interesting to watch Executive Flights make headlines and carve out a niche – “Privy to off-market deals, Executive Flights specializes in helping our worldwide clientele save on Business and First Class international airfare.”

For me this was the flip of getting to work with Aulay Macaulay as they were scaling up to become Ento Workforce Management Software, thanks to the amazing-ness of connectivity provided by LinkedIn, when they were in Melbourne and I was in San Francisco, this time I was in Melbourne and Yosef and his team in New York 🙂

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