Gibson AV Electrical

March 2013

Gibson needed a new website that would work across all platforms (A ‘response’ design for mobile, iphone, ipad and pc / mac). The company has premium clients and dominates the Bendigo market, though they struggled to express this capacity to the market. Joining the owner for a day of filming, we toured Bendigo and met clients from the local dentist to several builders, Symes BMW and Jimmy Possum furniture. Along with building the new website, producing the video content, creating animated introduction and outro graphics, we organised Facebook advertising to coincidence with the launch of the new platform and trained internal staff on management of Facebook advertising, whilst liaising with the previous IT provider to on behalf of the business owner to ensure everything worked as it should.

After our videos and website were completed, the company went on to scale and then was successfully sold to Australia’s largest private network of electricians.